The Jestchest

These are my go-to resources for videogrphy, audio, music, design, typography, coding and whatnot.

Video – inspiration and creativity

Make Art Now
Josh, who runs the channel, is like the Mark Rober of videography. A mix of odd ideas, weird experiments, diy-builds and gear reviews.
Art of the Documentary
Currently the best documentary community and courses online. Well worth the money! :-)
Jesse Driftwood
At first glance Jesses’ videos looks like regular tech-review videos, but he has a twist to intros, the way he created and films them. Always fun and inspiring to watch.

Video – gear and reviews

Gerald Undone
It tests and reviews was a sport, Gerald would be the undisputed world champion. Before purchasing any major product I make sure to watch and re-watch Geralds reviews of them.

Video – get better

Color Grading Central
Down to earth tips and tutorials about color-grading.

Audio & music

Ricky Tinez
I love Rickys stuff, it can be a review of gear, it can be him just fiddling around making tracks or him tutorialing something he wants us to learn. One of my fav music channels.
Cameron Gorham
I’ve been following Camerons Venus Theory channel for a while now, I always return when inspiration is low. He has a mix of theory, opinions, ideas, and experiments that I always find helpful to get started.
Redmount Studios Niklas Berglöf, Joakim Jarl och Magnus Lindberg have guests, deconstructs projects, talks about gear, producing music. In Swedish.
This is like the Gerald Undone of music, solid and detailed reviews of synths, drum machines, samplers and effects.


css Tricks
A longtime source for me. Has tons of info and explanations on css.
Kevin Powell
Down to earth explanations and examples on everything css.
css Podcast
This is my go-to source when I have some time over but not infron of my laptop: 15 min on the train, in the car or out walking.
Digital Ocean tutorials
Not straight up coding tutorials but everything I’ve needed when setting up Nginx, Ubuntu, php or anything else platform or environment related I’ve found it here.’
This is the center of the Unicode universe to me!
I discuss and bounce a lot of code with chatgpt.


Penguin Composition Rules by Jan Tschichold
The mother of typographic rules to me. I was first introduced to them by Carl Fredrik Hultenheim.
Practical TypographyMatthew Butterick
A great typographic guide.

Type and writing

Craig Mod
Some of the best articles on the web is authored by Craig. Writes pretty rarely but jee is his articles well thought through.
A bit more traditional feed showcasing and reviewing fonts, mixed up with book reviews, articles and typographic design commentary now and then.
A typefoundre that has a lot of good articles.
I Love Typography
A truly great resource for almost anything typographical by John Boardley (founder and publisher of Codex Magazine).
The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web
Robert Bringhurst’s book The Elements of Typographic Style applied to the web by Richard Rutter.

Books & magazines

The friends of The National Library of Sweden publishes this quarterly book about typography, bookbinding, printing, illustration and all other topics related to books.
Compass by Carl Fredrik Hultenheim
Swedish typographer Carl Fredrik Hultenheims first and last issue of his book series about typography. It’s a great source of knowledge for anyone interested in typography. Unfortunately it’s out of print but it might be available from «Antikvariat Morris» in Sweden.
Codex Magazine - the journal of letterforms by John Boardley
No other magazine has taken on and showed such a passion and love for letterforms and typography than Codex. If you don’t own a copy of the three issues, you’d better head over to their site and buy them now.


Font Friend is a bookmarklet that lets you try Google Webfonts on your site directly in the browser.
A great Chrome extension that lets you hover a font on any site and it tells you what font is used.

No longer online

Typedia blog
Seriously great newsletters with examples of new fonts and a very good curated list of typographic news.
Ministry of Type
I’ve been a fan for ages, the level of detail and craftsmanship Aegir reproduces the illustrations and typography he writes to me is staggering
Without a doubt one of the best typeface and typography related forum ever.
State of WebtypeBram Stein
An up-to-date browser support data for web fonts and typographic features on the web.