This is the fifth edition of I did launch the first version back in 1998. Early 2024 I decided to once again swipe most of the content and make a fresh restart.


Skrivr publisherby Andreas Carlsson is powered by my custom plain text based publishing platform Skrivr. The platform makes use of Dropbox, plain text files and Markdown. From that it automatically renders a fully functional site. Just write, save, done.
OpenTypographyby Andreas Carlsson
All the micro-typographic details is automatically handled by the OpenTypography framework that I’ve built for improved web typography and readability.


Svedalaby Andreas Nymark
I asked Andreas if I could use Svedala for the «One day, one person, one city» project. From then I wanted to use it for, unfortunately the typeface wasn’t finished so I comissioned Andreas to finish it for me :-)
Alegreya Sansby Juan Pablo del Peral
I’ve chosen Alegreys for it’s very high readability and its unique character. It also has decent support for ligatures and small caps.


Typeplateby @gryghostvisuals and @zakkain
Typeplate is a typographic starter kit. Typeplate define proper markup with extensible styling for common typographic patterns. It’s a stripped-down Sass or css library of your choosing primarily concerned with the appropriate technical implementation of design patterns – not how they look.

Thank you! :-)