One day, one person, one city.

Monday, 30 March, 2020

A series of short films about people around the world during the Covid-19 isolation.

One day, one person, one city.

I’ve started a short film project and I am asking for your help!

I want to document how peoples days look like during the Covid-19 isolation. So I’m asking you to please film snippets of your day and send it to me.

It can be just you, or it can include your parents, partner, children, family, best friend, pet what or whom ever you spend your day with during the Covid-19 isolation.

The short films will be released on my Instagram as 60 second clips.

What to film?

Feel free to film anything you want as long as it portrays what you are doing during that day of isolation. You can use any type of camera; your phone, an old digital camera or a professional camera. Use what you have! :-)

There are only a few things that I ask you to include in your filmed material:

  1. Preparation and eating one meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner).
  2. Your way to work and some short clips from your workday.
  3. One thing that is now hard to do that you used to do.
  4. One thing that you do to make your day easier or happier.
  5. One filmed portrait each of the persons (or pets) you spend your day with. See example below.

Please don’t edit, cut or change your filmed material. Send me the raw footage so I can edit it. Use and send your filmed material to me at

Examples of portraits