My favourite words

Thursday, 27 August, 2015

A while back I listed my favourite logos from when I was a kid. So today I realised that I have a few favourite words as well.

My favourite words


I first came across and took notice of «Rodent» when I heard Skinny Puppys «Rodent». Since then it has been one of my favourite words. The word shape isn’t that spectacular but the thing I like is the sound of it in combination with the «Roden» and that «t» chopping off the end.


This is one of the weirdest words I know. I can hardly pronounce it but it has the respectful and majestic aura of a British gentleman. It is equal warm summer evening and latin scientific term.


Plain, no frills. The egg and bacon of words. Pronunciation and word shape goes hand in hand. It’s short and vowel less, like a vocal jab.


Well, have you seen Liam Gallagher walk? If not, look it up. The word is like his walk - strutty, neurotic and hungover but still very chilled and friendly.


This is a word in disguise. It looks and sounds like a law or some governmental institution. «Intercourse 134:19«, «No, Intercourse, that’s up on the 23d floor». But once you get to know the word you know that it isn’t that innocent.


It just sounds and looks great. A bit like a huge pillow made out of luke warm food.