I never liked ux

Friday, 12 April, 2024

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I never liked ux

I’m so fucking disappointed in you!

Those were the words of my friend F. First I thought they were hillarious words from a bunch of cocktails. Byt after watching the “Without words”-documentary they were filled with depth and meaning.

Working with ux is not something I enjoy. In ux you become someone elses tool. A million views and needs has to be collected, shaped and gathered into a solution that is best for all.

There is nothing broken in ux. Nothing skewed, no transients, no life. No soul.

Illustration: ux - en liten grå-svart cirkel i mitten med massa bollar som cirklar runt den i massa olika färger. Prompt:

Illustration: design - ett litet korn färg som exploderar, växer till liv och grnar ut sig och skapar fantastiska nya former. Prompt: Ett litet färgstänk nederst i bilden sprider sig uppåt i olika klusterformationer där varje gren har olika färger..mörk bakgrund. minimalistisk. Ej 3d. abstrakt