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This is the fourth edition of I launched the first version back in 1998. The 6th of October 2014 I too dropped the simplicity bomb on the site and threw away the Wordpress install I had and the content that was on it.

This is the brand new restart.

Platform is powered by the Plain Text/Markdown based publishing platform Skrivr that I built together with Jaan Orvet.

All the micro-typographic details is automatically handled by the OpenTypography framework that I’ve built for improved web typography and readability.


Alygreyaby Juan Pablo del Peral
I’ve chosen Alegreys for it’s very high readability and its unique character. It also has decent support for ligatures and small caps.
Noeudby Ellmer Stefan
In my view this is the perfect drop cap typeface; it’s very strict and restrained but still very ornamental, expressive and humanist.

The Noeud font isn’t released publicly yet but I have got the permission from Ellmer to use it on the site.


Typeplateby @gryghostvisuals and @zakkain
Typeplate is a typographic starter kit. Typeplate define proper markup with extensible styling for common typographic patterns. It’s a stripped-down Sass or css library of your choosing primarily concerned with the appropriate technical implementation of design patterns – not how they look.
Horunge.jsby David Paulsson
Prevent typographic orphans. Horunge is the Swedish equivalent for orphans when we’re talking typography. Supports commonjs, amd or browser globals.
Hyphenator.jsby Mathias Nater
Javascript that implements client-side hyphenation of html-Documents. I’ve decided to go with justified text on Partly as a test of what you can achieve in a browser but also since I think readability is better when the text is justified (as long as proper hyphenation is in place). I researched what hyphenation frameworks that was around and think Mathias one was the best. I think Bram Stein shall have a lot of credit too sice Hyphenator.js is based on his work.

Thank you

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