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Stills – Pixação

It’s has been while now since I saw the «Pixadores»-documentary but I still think back on it quite often. It is about four pixadores; Djan, Ricardo, William and Biscoito living in São Paolo. Daytime they struggle with unemployment, drugs, family and occational short term jobs. Nighttime they live for Pixação – a street art originating from São Paolo where you as a Pixadore develop a style of graffiti that is very brutal and minimalistic. Strong typographic features and almost always black and white. The graffiti is done in the most hard-to-get-to places on very high buildings.

Djan, Ricardo, William and Biscoito are revolting against the Brazilian society, establishment and the traditional art world through Pixação and in their love for their art lies the power of the documentary. They are very dedicated, creative and emotional but at the same time very self destructive and violent in a non physical way. Death and the feeling of giving up is always present in their actions.

Friendship, art and ideals comes to a very symbolic clash when they get invited to the Berlin Art Biennale.

Watch the documentary.

It’s worth every minute.

Here is a piece of music that I think fits the images below and the documentary.

After the Berlin Biennale the broken up group got an invitation from Puma to collaborate and it’s a beautiful movie even though it’s a bit sad that not all four did stay together as artists.

Andreas Tuesday, 22 September, 2015    |    Agree or disagree? Please