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Handcrafted drop caps by the first year students at gdk

A few weeks ago I was asked to comment and feedback on an assignment the first year students at the graphic design and communication programme at the University of Linköping had been given.

Since the students only had been studying graphic design for two months I didn’t know what to expect. But I must say I was very positively surprised.

The assignment was that they had to choose a text and create a drop cap that would reflect the mood or content of that text.

They had about three hours to finish the assignment. No computers were allowed (except for printing the text). Only pens, papers, glue and scissors could be used to create the drop cap itself.

Here is a selection of their work.

Is social media killing you? by Petra Gregersen, Jonathan Segerberg and Marta Hansbo. Lindahls bakery by Linnea Michel, Lovisa Schelwander, Alexandra Håkansson and Silvia Lupuianu

Those were two of the best drop caps. What I like is that they contain an illustrative theme that could be worked further and used as the base for illustrations throughout a much longer article. The left is about social media and is, as an illustration, easily iterated and widened for broader use. The right is from an article about local pastry shop. The photo doesn’t make it justice since the shadings of the elevated «L» is way better in reality. The way they have worked with elevated and cutout details would work beautifully as the illustrative concept for a much longer article or book about pastries.

Captain America. Emil by Lisa Blückert, Matilda Lönn and Martina Daremo and Gatsby by Daniel Jakobsson, Kalle Häggbom and Oscar Sundström.

A few of the drop caps sprung from logos or movie graphics, Captain America and Gatsby is two examples that uses very prominent visual element from the movies. The third, middle one, is easy to recognize if you are Swedish, it is a key scene from one of the Astrid Lindgrens stories.

The Otter by AnaMaria Puljiz, Cecilia Sandhu and Alexander Lundqvist.

The Otter is my favorite. At first when you look at the drop cap it doesn’t reveal that much about the article but once you read the text details like the otter, the saxophone and Chicago appears. All of a sudden you realize that it is the Willis Tower in the background and that the «A» in the drop cap is a modified version of an «A» in the landmark sign of the Chicago Theater. It connects the article with the place the story takes place in a beautiful way.

Layout and drop cap working together. Goat and Romeo and Juliet.

Here is a few more of the drop caps about Harry Potter, candy, space, Lewis Carrolls’ Alice in Wonderland and Strindbergs’ Doktor Glas.

Harry Potter by Sara Pärlefalk, Bianke Swart and Beatrice Stenkula. Candy and Space.

Alice in Wonderland. Doktor Glas by Wilhelm Hjelm, Sanna Källqvist, Matilda Eklöf

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